The Clinton Herald, Clinton, Iowa

December 21, 2013

Iowa American Water: Keep hydrants clear of snow

Clinton Herald


With the weather forecast calling for several more inches of snow in the next few days, Iowa American Water is reminding residents in its service communities to clear snow from fire hydrants that may be located on or near their property. The predicted snow accumulation, combined with the after-effects of plowing roads and parking lots, may leave many fire hydrants partially or completely buried in snow.

By keeping fire hydrants clear of snow, the public can help firefighters easily locate the fire hydrants in the event of an emergency and allow them to access water quickly, preserving valuable time and potentially saving lives and structures. Iowa American Water annually inspects and maintains about 7,500 hydrants in Bettendorf, Davenport, Dixon, Clinton, LeClaire, Panorama Park and Riverdale.

If you have a fire hydrant on or near your property, please take a few minutes to clear away the snow so it is visible in the event of an emergency. Remember, quick access to fire hydrants benefits everyone.