The Clinton Herald, Clinton, Iowa

March 21, 2014

E-cigarettes banned from county buildings

By Amy Kent Herald Staff Writer
The Clinton Herald

---- — CLINTON — It is official — the use of electronic cigarettes will no longer be permitted inside Clinton County buildings.

A vote on Monday unanimously passed through the Clinton County Board of Supervisors, absent one Supervisor Jill Davisson, that prohibits the use of nicotine delivery systems inside of any county building.

While the use will be prohibited inside the Clinton County Courthouse, Clinton County Administration building and other county facilities, possession and outdoor use of the battery powered vaporizers will still be allowed.

“It’s just the use of them in the buildings,” County Attorney Mike Wolf said. “The person can possess the devices, but it’s just the prohibition of the use of these electronic devices in the Clinton County buildings.”

Wolf first introduced a policy change at the beginning of the year that suggested a ban on tobacco products inside any county building, a conversation that is still being developed by the human resources office.

However, that conversation ignited the discussion regarding e-cigarettes after a February visit from the Area Substance Abuse Council that took two months of deliberating and led to rules that will go into effect immediately.

Any person, including county employees, who is not in compliance with this new policy could be required to vacate the premises until they are able to comply.