The Clinton Herald, Clinton, Iowa

July 13, 2013

Group seeks to double membership

The Clinton Herald

---- — CLINTON — The Clinton Women’s Club will have a major Membership Drive in the next few weeks. A “Friendship Tea” will be at the Curtis Mansion, Saturday, July 20, from 1 to 3 p.m. to inform women about the club. Friends will view the mansion and possibly join.

The club now has 100 members that pay $30 a year ($3,000). The club wants 200 members so they have $6,000. You can be a member that pays $30 a year and be inactive or a regular member that pays $30 a year, attends some of the meetings and programs at noon on the first Thursday of each month (September through June) and helps occasionally with an event: Christmas Open House, sell nuts and chocolate covered nuts, help with Chocolate Lover’s Delight in February, purse and bag sale in April or Breakfast at the Mansion the second Sunday in June.

The Curtis Mansion has 20 rooms, many stained-glass windows, 10 fireplaces and seven bathrooms. The dining room has the original wallpaper and original ceiling. All of the pocket doors are oak on the hallway side and match the cherry, hickory, white oak, red oak, and various woods, each room having their own wood.

Officers serve for a two-year term. Deb Jacobsen is beginning her second year as president, with Lucy Melvin as vice president. Julie Ramirez is immediate past president. Other officers include Florence Dingman, recording secretary; Ethel Soesbe, corresponding secretary; Wilma Clark, financial secretary; Nan Bovis, treasurer; Betty Andresen, registrar; and Sherry Emerson, auditor. Marcia Flory, Lydia Halbach, Liz Clements and Fran McDonald are on the board of directors. Flory is in charge of decorating with Michelle Perino and other members for Christmas and Clements is in charge of the grounds.

The foundation has a 503-C3 and meets every other month. Flory is president and Ramirez is vice president with Wilma Clark secretary and Nan Bovis treasurer. Members of the foundation board are: Ruthann Papke, Barbe McGee, Jeanette Petersen, Rita Holm, Julie Allesee, Marsha Smith and Melanie Drury. Members of the advisory committee of the foundation are Robert Soesbe and Mike Kearney.

This spring and summer major repairs are being made to the outside of the home, fixing the shakes, gutters and windows. More than $30,000 is being spent on this project, with help from a gaming grant.

Tours of the home are every Wednesday from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. from Memorial Day until Labor Day at a charge of $6 per person. Tours can be arranged at other times by calling the home and making an appointment, with a $20 minimum charge. Tour guides include Nan Bovis, Judy Burken, Doris Carstensen, Lydia Halbach, Jeannie Herrity, Deb Jacobsen, Lois Jellings, Lanie Lass, Lucy Melvin and Jeanette Petersen.

A scholarship is awarded to a high school senior every even year.

An apartment and a room in the home are rented to local pastors so someone is living in the home. From the 1930s to 1990s, 13 rooms were rented to women by the week, but in 1990 they decided to restore the second and third floors and start tours of the home on a regular basis.

All members can rent the facility for $25 per hour instead of $30 per hour that the general public pays.

If you cannot attend July 20, mail your $30 to Clinton Women’s Club, 420 Fifth Ave. South along with your birthdate, phone number, email address, and mailing address. We have a monthly newsletter September through June that tells what is going on. If you have email, we save the postage. Any questions, call Jeanette, house manager, at 249-5861.