The Clinton Herald, Clinton, Iowa

June 20, 2013

City details Prospect Ave. upgrade work

By Katie Dahlstrom Assistant Editor
The Clinton Herald

---- — CLINTON — Clinton residents affected by the Prospect Avenue rehabilitation project took their questions and concerns to city hall Wednesday night during a public meeting with the city engineer.

The street is being reconstructed from South 14th Street to 23rd Place. Once complete, it will be a fully paved roadway with concrete curb and gutter and asphalt paving. Crews also will separate the storm from the sanitary sewers.

“As long as we get some good weather, we should be able to make this as quick, painless and easy as possible,” City Engineer Jason Craft told a group of 20 residents regarding the construction.

Residents have dealt with utility companies working in the area since May and construction will continue in the area until early September, weather permitting.

A number of those who attended Wednesday’s meeting felt the few months of construction will be worth any hassle to get a paved street.

“I’m ecstatic. I’ve been up there for 48 or 49 years and I’ve never had a paved road,” Prospect Avenue resident Oscar Clark said. “The road is just potholes galore.”

Residents asked questions about how they would be affected for the remainder of the work, including where they would park, drive and otherwise have access to their homes. During various times, blocks of Prospect Avenue will be inaccessible, meaning residents will need to park on other streets, Craft explained.

“It’s tight up there. It’s going to be tough to maintain access to everyone’s driveways at all times. In fact, impossible with the amount of cutting off the roadway we’re doing,” Craft said.

From Thursday to Saturday, access to the 2300 block of Prospect Avenue will be completely restricted. As part of the earthwork, a temporary gravel access road will be constructed until concrete and asphalt work are complete. On Monday, June 24, and Tuesday, June 25, the 2300 block will be accessible from 23rd Place. During this time, access will be completely restricted to homes on Wallace Street, Chancy Street and Sabula Avenue.

From Wednesday, June 26, to Monday, July 1, drivers will not be able to access Prospect Avenue from Wallace Street to South 14th Street. Residents will be asked to park on side streets and alleys.

Emergency personnel are aware of the construction and will be onsite daily so they are aware of emergency routes, Craft said.

Monday, July 1, to Wednesday, July 3, crews will complete fly ash stabilization, which will temporarily restrict residents’ access to their homes as the construction moves along the street. Craft explained it will be a very dusty process, but once complete, residents will have a hard driving surface. As long as the weather cooperates, the roads will be open to local traffic at the end of the day July 3.

A couple of residents told Craft they were concerned with accessing their vehicles due to health conditions. Craft told them the city would maintain close communication with residents who have accessibility issues in order not to inconvenience them.

“If anyone at all is disabled, cannot make it to the parked car, cannot physically have the ability to park their car a half block or a block away then I need to make some special accommodations,” Craft said.

Construction will continue through September. Throughout the remainder of the project, residents will have their garbage picked up at 6 a.m. on Monday.

The $625,000 project is being funded through local option sales tax as part of the city’s pavement management program. It was originally slated for fall of 2009, but was halted when residents petitioned the city not to complete it. At the time, the cost for reconstruction was pegged at $1.7 million.