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April 19, 2014

Clinton looks into roadway safety upgrades

CLINTON — The new Clinton Middle School is still months away from completion, but city engineer Jason Craft and his department are already looking into impending and necessary upgrades regarding surrounding roadways. Other safety revisions were also revealed when Clinton's engineering department unveiled results of the Traffic Study Commission on Tuesday:

Middle school revisions

City engineers recommend limiting a 1,000-foot stretch of road on 13th Avenue North to 25 miles per hour during school hours. The zone will span across North 14th Street. Meanwhile, the nearby 13th Avenue and 11th Street intersection — which has received Iowa Department of Transportation grant funding for traffic lights — should see a cross-walk upgrade.

Two-way stop near Pizza Ranch

Just north of school revisions, engineering also recommends two-way, east-west stop signage at 14th Avenue Northwest and North 11th Street (next to Pizza Ranch).

'Confusing' beacons be-gone

During his report Tuesday, Craft said the flashing overhead lights at four city intersections have "confused" drivers into believing the roadways are four-way stops. He recommended removing these beacons at Seventh Avenue South and South Sixth Street, Seventh Avenue South and South Ninth Street, Fifth Avenue South and South Ninth Street, and Second Avenue South and South Third Street all be removed. They will be replaced with new stop signs that read "Cross Traffic Does Not Stop" in hopes of better serving drivers.

Yield at unprotected intersection

The intersection of 13th Avenue South and 15th Street is currently uncontrolled. Craft recommended installing north and south facing yield signs.

Less parking, more biking

Craft recommended the city do away with the current South Second Street parking lot near Seventh Avenue in hopes of converting the region into a designated on-street bike lane. This is part of the Mississippi River Trail Final Connection Project.

Slow down Manufacturing

Lastly, city engineering recommended slowing down the 45 miles per hour stretch on Manufacturing Drive (between U.S. 30 and South 19th Street) to 40 miles per hour. While slated for the April traffic agenda, Craft said his department plans to perform a speed study. The results will be reported at the city's next commission meeting in May.

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