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May 8, 2014

City to handle violations

FULTON, Ill. — The Fulton Police Department has found a new way to generate revenue for themselves through a system Mayor Larry Russell feels is too good to be true.

For more than a month, the Fulton Police administrators have worked on a new ordinance code within the city that would allow them to issue minor vehicle infractions without issuing state citations.

The new ordinance is issued by officers of Fulton, to non-repeat offenders of minor traffic violations, such as speeding less than 10 miles-per-hour over the limit, not wearing a seat-belt or failure to stop at a stop sign.

”We’ve already adopted the Illinois vehicle code as city ordinance violation and basically we’re just kind of going to transfer the authority and the fines to the city of Fulton,” Fulton Police Lt. Donnie Pridemore said. “There’s benefits to the city obviously with the retention of the fines and there’s benefits actually to the violators too for the minor violations.”

By adopting an ordinance through the city, the Fulton Police now will retain the power to issue citations to motorists who commit minor traffic infractions without taking those violations to the state level.

Subsequently those non-repeat offenders will be required to pay their fine to the city and will not have the citation reflected on their permanent driving record. Those infractions also will be void of any insurance claims as long as the alleged violator handles the penalties accordingly.

Because of the seemingly “too good to be true,” nature of the ordinance changes, Russell questioned Pridemore and Fulton Police Chief James Rhodes on all facets of the request, ensuring the city or the department wouldn’t be faced with any liability in the future.

To ease some of his concerns, Pridemore added that Morrison, Illinois, has used the same system for quite some time and have had little issues since implementing the new ordinance.

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