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March 4, 2014

UPDATE: State rests case in Boutwell trial



Crawley testified that “zyelos” was a username on the computer, along with the administrator and guest user accounts. He linked the resumes, as well as several downloaded Japanese henti images to the “zyelos” user account. The images in unallocated space could not be linked to any specific account, date or times because they were deleted and that information was stripped.

Crawley testified to finding 64 images of child pornography. Looking at a family photo with Boutwell and the victim, he identified that child as the one in the illegal photographs. Monday, Clinton Police Officer Shane Haskell also identified the girl in these contraband photos as the alleged victim.

Ingham objected to the admission of the photos in question into evidence due to relevance, but Barlow argued that the images clearly constitute illegal contraband and were on a computer the defendant admits to using. The objection was overruled and the evidence was accepted. Barlow passed the pictures out to the jury, waiting for each member to look at the images.

In cross examination, Ingham asked Crawley if images can be saved to a computer accidentally while burning a CD. Crawley agreed that is true. He also acknowledged the computer in question does have a DVD drive.

Crawley had indicated that a large amount of Japanese henti images was found on the computer, images the defendant told Schroeder he liked. Crawley also found history links to websites showing henti. After being questioned by Ingham, the witness conceded that by visiting a website, a person could have saved photos they did not mean to save.

In the final testimony of the day, the alleged victim answered Barlow’s questions concerning the 64 explicit photographs, going page by page on the 22-page packet of the photos. Barlow pointed out that many of the photos showed an adult hand or male genitalia touching her body. She identified these body parts as belonging to the defendant.

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