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April 27, 2013

Large-item pickup's future undecided


"Why can't pursue the idea of contracting that out and having private services do it and giving them a window?" Graf asked.

At-large Councilman John Rowland was also interested to see how a private company would provide large-item pickup

"We as a council need to have tighter regulations where there would be more substantial fines rather than the process we have now of a letter and then go back and check again. We need to be a little more forceful about what our ordinance is," Graf added.

The ordinance and the fines attached to disobeying is set to be discussed by the Rules and Regulations Committee.

At-large Councilman Charlie Mulholland, like Krogman, felt the program should be discontinued for a year and wasn't interested in privatization.

"We've had people for years and years not obey the rules," Mulholland said. "And as far as enforcing the rules, I don't think we have the manpower to do that in any way, shape or form and if we contract that out, that's another nightmare."




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