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September 5, 2013

A Visionary View: Clinton residents give input on city planning


The mission statement, “the city of Clinton is committed to providing first-class, innovative and cost-effective leadership and services that enhance the quality of life of citizens and create opportunities for economic development and tourism to thrive,” racked up the most dots.

The values that captured the most dots were: honesty and transparency: showing all facets to an issue prior to making a decision and doing so in a way that nurtures the trust of the public; ethics: acting truthfully, honestly, honorably and without deception in serving the organizations and the citizens of Clinton; safety: providing a work environment where employees and customers are free from harm due to negligence and carelessness; and integrity: doing the right thing when everyone is looking or when no one is watching.

City Administrator Jessica Kinser plans to compile Wednesday’s results and present it to the City Council during the Committee of the Whole meeting Tuesday.

Kinser organized the event as part of the strategic planning process after collecting suggestions for the mission, vision and values from the mayor and City Council members.

“I’m pretty happy,” Kinser said about the event. “We haven’t done something like this in a couple of years so I didn’t know what to expect.”

In addition to placing dots next to their choices, the meeting gave residents a chance to share their concerns with city staff and elected officials.

“This gives people an opportunity to have their say in what ideals and values will guide the city. Another part of this is being able to address questions from citizens,” Kinser said.

Clinton resident Carolyn Tallet wasn’t as satisfied as Kinser with the amount of participation in the meeting.

“I wish more people were here. I think all citizens should be here tonight,” she said.

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