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November 15, 2013

Landfill rate proposal fails


"And there is no order here. There is no resolution. There's no motion. There's no motion here that would provide the authority for the city to submit such a change," Wolf said. "When you're doing something where you're going to have such an impact on the overall budget, then I think you're going to have to prove that you have the budgeting authority by your city's legitimate resolution or motion."

Graf disagreed with Wolf, adding the Clinton's city attorney agreed with her that by the authority of her appointment, she is eligible to support such a reduction. She told her area communities that as they all need to tighten their belts, so does the landfill.

"And I would urge you rationally to think about the cities you represent and take a motion on this," Graf said.

Director of Operations and Education Brad Seward said the funds raised by this fee are used for closure costs, as well as building new cells. He said building a new cell cost double what it used to.

"At what point do you exhaust your reserves?" Seward said. He said that according to the 10-year plan, the $10 rate is needed to keep the agency out of the red.

Wolf suggested that instead of rushing into a decision, Schroeder (who has not attended a meeting in the past year or more) and other community representatives discuss the topic as an agenda item with their councils. Graf pointed out that the issue has been on the CCASWA agenda for six months.

With the failure of the proposal, Schroeder said he will have Seward come and talk to his council about the rates.



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