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April 9, 2014

Lynch Dallas selected for city's legal team



"Based on the numerous services offered, the decision to hire should clearly go to Lynch Dallas," Rowland said.

FHC supporters countered that the group has established a great local reputation, evidenced by the firm's recent work with the city. Mayor Mark Vulich and Council members Tom Determann, Julie Allesee and Lynn McGraw agreed it was important to keep the city's money local.

"I feel that John Frey, when he looks at a document, he's very thorough at what he does," Vulich added. "I don't think the fact that John wants to do his own research is necessarily a detriment."

Others spoke highly of Frey's character.

"I have found him to be extremely honest; a caring person who's always prepared," Allesee said.

Rowland motioned to draft the ordinance approving Lynch Dallas as Clinton's next legal team. Barring a change in circumstances, the city will appoint O'Connell and company by the end of the month.

Both firms were at City Hall for the discussion but left Council chambers to avoid impropriety during the hiring process.

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