The Clinton Herald, Clinton, Iowa

October 4, 2012

City of Clinton continues comprehensive plan work

By Katie Dahlstrom
Herald Staff Writer

CLINTON — The City Plan Commission continues to work on development of the city’s comprehensive plan chapter by chapter.  

With the vision, statement and goals chapter, the parks, recreational facilities and programs chapter and the community profile/character chapter in hand, the commission at its meeting Wednesday focused more on potential development west of Mill Creek Parkway and downtown.  

According to East Central Intergovernmental Association Regional Planning Coordinator Nicole Turpin, the comprehensive plan will not project the city expanding near Mill Creek Parkway.  

“We’re not planning any future development out that far, we’re keeping it all within the existing city boundaries and looking at redevelopment options,” Turpin said.

Commission member Sue Tugana said although the comprehensive plan might not include development west of Mill Creek Parkway, the fact is people still want to develop there.

“Our whole problem as a plan commission is we’ve been overwhelmed with requests for development along the Mill Creek,” Tugana said.

Commission member Tom Lonergan expressed concern about restricting development if it is pushed away from Mill Creek Parkway. He pointed to development, both current and projected, such as offices and the future new Clinton Middle School, along the parkway.  

“We might be sending that development away by insisting that they locate in only certain areas. The market directs a lot of this development, too.  We want to be receptive to development to a certain extent,” Lonergan said.

City Administrator Jeff Horne said the city will attempt to attract redevelopment and new development, with an emphasis on the former.

“I think what we’re going to pursue is you have your incentives and you’re going to weight your incentives more heavily towards redevelopment,” Horne said. “I’m not saying get rid of the abatement totally for new development, but I’m saying make it weighted better to do the redevelopment.”