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January 17, 2014

River Bend searches for superintendent


The superintendent search comes after Chuck Holliday, the district's current leader, and the board announced they would part ways in June when Holliday's contract expires. A reason for the decision was never disclosed but rather both parties just said they had decided to go in different directions.

With the term ending in June, the school board has felt the pressure to fill the vacancy slowly building, but Portz and Orman-Luker feel they are at a good place in regards to the timetable they set for themselves.

"The new superintendent would typically start July 1 and we'd like to have someone who can just come in already prepared," Orman-Luker said. "We want to make sure that transition is smooth. If you wait too long, candidates may already have positions in other districts and you obviously want to have the best pool of candidates to select from. Right now I think everybody is satisfied with how everything is moving and we've certainly gotten a good variety of people."

In continuing to move that process along, Portz anticipates the board will have selected two or three candidates for a second interview within the next two weeks, in the hopes to fill the vacancy by the end of the month or early next month.

Although they are trying to make the superintendent search a timely procedure, they know finding a suitable candidate is not a matter taken lightly and thorough research is necessary to making a decision.

"The superintendent is a pretty significant position in our school district, so we need to make sure we have the right person for the job," Portz said.

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