The Clinton Herald, Clinton, Iowa

January 22, 2014

Local sheriff's office seeks 2% increase

By Samantha Pidde Herald Staff Writer
The Clinton Herald

---- — CLINTON — The Clinton County Sheriff’s Office is asking for an increase of almost $100,000 in its expense budget.

While many line items contribute to the $94,110 increase, the biggest factor is an increase in full-time and part-time salaries. The combination of all the full-time union and non-union salaries increased by $37,085. Part-time salaries increased by $19,882.

The uniformed patrol budget increased full-time salaries by $17,498 to allow for a 2.25 percent for union employees and a 2.5 percent raise for non-union employees. Full-time jail salaries increased $14,188 for a total of $726,353 for 13 correctional officers, two deputies, the assistant jail administrator and the jail administrator. These salaries also increased by $2,418 for a total of $375,033 for administration staff — including Sheriff Rick Lincoln — and by $2,981 in the rural basic department, for a total of $157,415.

In the uniformed patrol, jail and rural basic budgets, overtime pay increased by a total of $12,100. The administration staff stayed status quo at $2,000. Longevity increased in all four budgets by a total of $7,100.

“When the wages go up, the time and a half goes up,” Lincoln said.

The uniformed patrol budget will also see increases related to technology updates. The vehicle repair and maintenance line item increased by $5,000 to $80,000, for the installation of InMotion, an in-vehicle router connecting all devices in and around the vehicles. A $5,500 increase was added to the squad car computer section for the purchase of InMotion.

The total expense budget for the sheriff’s office is projected at $4,640,456, which is a $94,100 or 2.07 percent increase from the previous year’s budget. These expenses exceed the projected revenue of $399,343. Lincoln said they bring in approximately 8.52 percent of expenses from revenue.

“We wouldn’t be in business very long if we were in business,” Lincoln said.

The budgeted revenue saw both increases and decreases. One of the biggest decreases is in the amount raised by permits to carry a weapon, which is expected to decrease from $20,000 to $10,000. This decrease is due to the five-year life of a permit, compared to the previous one year.