The Clinton Herald, Clinton, Iowa

November 8, 2012

Reports show Senate race’s money flow

By Katie Dahlstrom
Herald Staff Writer

CLINTON — More than half a million dollars were spent in the race for State Senate District 49, the latest round of reports filed with the State of Iowa Ethics Campaign Disclosure Board show.  

Democrat Rita Hart, who won the seat Tuesday, and Republican Andrew Naeve both received considerable contributions from their respective state parties throughout the election, with large contributions flowing in during the final two weeks before the elections.  

According to the latest report Naeve spent $125,000 on advertising in two weeks. From Oct. 16 to Oct. 30 Naeve listed several expenditures to Victory Enterprises including one for $58,000 for television, radio and newspaper ads.  

During the same period Naeve received nearly $97,000 in cash contributions from individuals and Political Action Committees. 

While many of the contributions were under $100, Naeve also received $10,000 from the Team Iowa PAC, $11,000 from the Iowans for Tax Relief PAC and a $58,000 contribution from the Republican Party of Iowa and its Eisenhower Club.

Naeve also received $13,831 in in-kind contributions from the Republican Party of Iowa and its Eisenhower Club.

During the same period, Hart received $11,000 in cash contributions. The Iowa Senate Majority Fund gave $103,322.81 to Hart in in-kind contributions of mainly TV and radio advertising and mailers.  

Because of the sizeable amount of in-kind contributions, Hart spent only slightly more than $11,000 during the two- week period.  

A number of the other state Senate races saw similar amounts of in-kind contributions. In the District 26 race between Democrat Mary Jo Wilhelm and Republican Merlin Bartz, Wilhelm received $157,000 in in-kind contributions in the final two weeks. In the race between incumbent Republican Shawn Hamerlinck and Democrat Chris Brase for Senate District 46, Brase received $157,000 in in-kind contributions during the same period.

The rest of the race between Hart and Naeve for the seat saw its fair share of cash and in-kind contributions as Democrats worked to maintain control of the State Senate.  

Reports in the previous filing period, which ran from July 15 to Oct. 14, show Hart received $187,543.63 in in-kind contributions, including a $34,000 contribution from the Iowa Senate Majority Fund for placing a TV advertisement. During the July to October filing period, Naeve received $28,829 in in-kind contributions during the same period and $68,730 in cash contributions.