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June 12, 2014

Platt Park electrical system gets face-lift

CAMANCHE — The city of Camanche has always known the electrical system at Platt Park did not meet a heavy workload or the safety expectations that the city wanted.

Now, seven years and about $75,000 worth of electrical work later, the city has a power system in place at the park that officials are proud to have.

"Nothing had been designed for what it was being used for," Camanche City Administrator Tom Roth said. "It was just kind of cobbled up and the idea came along let's upgrade the electrical in Platt Park."

When the park was established, the need for electricity wasn't something that was considered necessary. However, as the years went on, the city began to realize that having electrical capabilities in the park was an important feature and began adding different services.

With each newly added electrical service also came a different meter and therefore a different energy bill and although several councils had discussed consolidating the services previously, action on it didn't happen until fall 2013.

Now, nearly eight months later, that consolidation has happened and a plan for the future is finally starting to take, shape says Roth.

"It was kind of some brainstorming and 'OK, where is that middle ground?' Where can we accomplish the most at a reasonable price?" he said.

The city originally wanted the project to be somewhere around $40,000 but shortly after realized that amount of work wouldn't really address the problem. Officials then looked at consolidating every electrical service in the park, fixing every outlet and completely reworking the set up, essentially starting from scratch. When that estimate came in around $300,000 they knew that wasn't a possibility.

So a happy medium was decided on.

"Forty thousand dollars would have been too little," Roth said, adding, "$350,000 would have been too much, kind of like Goldilocks. The middle one was just right. So that's how we settled on this. We thought this would accomplish what we wanted to accomplish without going overboard."

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