On Thursday, Clinton High School will be conducting an ALICE Evacuation Drill.

ALICE is the Crisis Emergency protocol the Clinton Community School District would utilize in case of an active shooter. Clinton High School administration feels it is necessary to review procedures with students in these situations.

During the drill, CHS principal JR Kuch will be sharing potential movements of the fake active shooter as that person is in the halls. It is important to point out, there is not going to be a person impersonating a shooter. Kuch will only be reading from a script that will clearly indicate, “This is a drill, this is a drill.”

Teachers at Clinton High have been reviewing procedures with students in preparation for this event. Teachers will be leading students out of the building in an orderly fashion to one of two evacuation points, Jefferson Elementary or Bluff Elementary. While there, students and teachers will wait for an all clear from the building, then walk back to the school to resume a normal school day. Upon re-entry students and staff will evaluate the drill and provide feedback.

The goal of this day is to educate Clinton High School students on appropriate action steps in case of emergency.


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