All in the name of charity

Tammy Nodarse on Wednesday reacts after getting a pie in the face at Clinton Community College.

John Rohlf/Clinton Herald

CLINTON — Clinton Community College on Wednesday celebrated raising more than $600 for the YWCA by giving three people a pie in the face.

Earlier this month, Clinton Community College launched its first Penny Wars event. The event involved students, faculty and staff, who worked to raise money for the past two weeks.

People raised money by putting money in each jar of the participants. Every penny put in the jar was worth one point, while other coins or dollars subtracted points to the total. The people with the lowest three totals had to get a pie in the face. Ryan Welch, Tammy Nodarse and Ann Eisenman were the three participants getting a pie in the face. All in all, $650 was raised during the fundraiser.

The event allowed all students, faculty and staff to get involved in the fundraiser. Clinton Community College Student Engagement and Leadership Coordinator Joe Cannella said the event was a fun way for everyone to get involved and donate to pick which people they wanted to see get a pie in the face.

"The Penny War started on April 6," Cannella said. "We scored points by adding the pennies put in the jar and subtracting all other money totals. It was kind of fun because it allowed people to sabotage others by putting nickels, dimes, quarters and dollars in the jar."

CCC put on an ice bucket challenge last semester that raised $300 and Cannella was happy that they were able to double the donations.

"We did this event as part of Pay it Forward month, " Cannella said. "We did a penny ice bucket challenge last semester and raised around $300. The fact that we were able to more than double that was fantastic."

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