CLINTON — The city of Camanche continues to take steps to alter its policy on calendar parking.

Camanche City Administrator Andrew Kida requested input from the City Council this week for how they want to proceed with calendar parking. He stated they could issue snow emergencies or do selective enforcement utilizing the judgment of the police officers. Camanche Mayor Trevor Willis stated the discussion to alter calendar parking stems from citizens receiving tickets for not complying with calendar parking when the weather does not warrant calendar parking.

“The reason we’re looking at this and it comes up every year at this time is we’ve had issues where there have been tickets written just because calendar parking is in effect even though it’s sunny and 65 (degrees),” Willis said. “That’s what we’re trying to avoid. And obviously that would be police discretion. However flip side of that too is if we do go to something like this we need to figure out who declares a snow emergency and what constitutes a snow emergency. Because otherwise we’re going to be in the same boat.”

Councilman Bill Wruck stated he believes the decision could come from the police department if the city needs to designate an individual or group to order calendar parking. He stated they are on the roads frequently and know the condition of the roads.

“The good thing about it is a lot of people are already used to the calendar parking,” Wruck said. “So once they see the snow emergency you’re going to have most people still parking the same way.”

Counclman Jay Saxon suggested the city use the police department, fire department and public works department, stating they deal with the conditions of the roads frequently.

“We could use the judgment of the professionals to figure out when the conditions add up to something that is a hazard and require the maintenance on the roads and things like that,” Saxon said. “It wouldn’t have to be seven inches of snow or half an inch of ice designated. It’d be as needs dictate.”

Kida stated the communication would have to come from the same central source each time. He stated the ordinance currently calls for the mayor to declare a snow emergency. Saxon stated there are some issues the city still must work through but believes adjusting the calendar parking policy is something the city should pursue.

“I think it’s something we should try to work through and try to work towards,” Saxon said. “The feedback I’ve had when I discussed it with citizens has all been positive. They like the idea of going to the emergency situation.”

Kida stated he will put a draft together for the council to consider at a future city council meeting.

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