CAMANCHE — By the end of the day today, Camanche City Hall will have a new home.

City Hall is moving to the former Camanche Pharmacy, located at 818 Seventh Ave. South. The Camanche City Council in September approved the move of City Hall by a 4-1 vote. Camanche City Administrator Tom Roth said this was a necessary move for the city of Camanche.

"The current building has some years on it and is in need of some repairs," Roth said. "Another issue is it is not ADA compliant. It's smaller than the facility we are moving to and has been kept together rather poorly. It didn't make sense to try to stay here."

Roth said he and the staff began moving to the new site before this week. The now former City Hall officially closed Thursday and will remain closed today as they work on putting the finishing touches on the move. The goal is to have as much moved out at the old facility as possible and open business at the former Camanche Pharmacy right away.

Even though the goal is to have as much set up at the new facility as possible by the end of the week, Roth said they do have the luxury of moving things as time goes by if necessary.

"The nice part is we don't have to be all moved out by Friday," Roth said. "We can leave a few things here and deal with them as time goes by."

Roth said he believes it will be beneficial for the city to move City Hall to the new location. He thinks being located closer to the center of town will be a positive for the city. He also thinks that having more room inside the facility will be beneficial once the move is completed.

All in all, Roth said the transition has run smoothly so far and he is ready to get moved into the new location.

"I would say it (the process) has run smoothly so far," Roth said. "We have had plenty of time and seem to have our act together so far."

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