Shelter dog

Rachael Keating/Clinton Herald

One of the many dogs brought up from a shelter in Louisiana is shown at the Clinton Humane Society.

CLINTON — While thousands of people and animals have been displaced during and after Hurricane Harvey, the Clinton Humane Society has taken in more than a dozen dogs from humane societies with animals affected by the storm.

About two weeks ago, the humane society (CHS) received a call from a familiar Louisiana shelter and took in the animals.

“We have open arms,” Marcie Williams, operations assistant at the Clinton Humane Society, said. The shelter, as said by Williams, was “very much prepared” for the animals, and is capable of taking in another group of transfers.

“(The Louisiana shelter) reached out; they had no place to go for these sweeties,” Operations Manager Jennifer Gerdes said. “I said ‘we have the space, bring them up here.’”

Once the dogs arrived, they were prepared before being made available for adoption. Since the animals may have suffered some trauma during the storm, and then again with being moved from place to place, Williams had them retested for temperament.

She allowed the dogs to move at their own pace. However, all — except for one — just seemed really excited, maybe even relieved, Gerdes said. Gerdes noted a “I-know-this-is-OK, I-know-I-am-safe” look by some of the dogs.

“The dogs have been getting adopted; most were adopted within the week,” Gerdes said. “We wanted to find these animals a home.”

Some people might be apprehensive, or completely turned off by the idea of taking in a dog from another state — Gerdes has encountered this before. But “they’re all sweethearts,” she said.

Williams and Gerdes put effort into a dog’s stay at the shelter and overall future.

“We don’t want to set anyone up for failure, even the animals,” Williams said.

The humane society can host 40 dogs, and at least 200 cats, and is more than willing to work with their Louisiana partner again. Gerdes said they were so organized, that it made the transfer easy. There are three Harvey-rescue dogs remaining at the shelter as of Wednesday.