CAMANCHE — The city of Camanche is proceeding with a proposal for software to be used by city workers and members of the community.

The Camanche City Council on Tuesday approved a proposal from Dude Solutions, Inc., to provide software to be used by the city. The proposal is for $10,760.42. The charge includes a charge of $8,950 for implementation and services and a seven month subscription cost of $1,810.42. Pricing for the first renewal term will be $4,345.

Camanche City Engineer Dan Solchenberger stated Dude Solutions can take the county GIS maps and work with Beacon to put property information and property tax information on Beacon.

"That will allow the city at some point to migrate some of the permitting that goes with each property onto the system too so that's a little bit easier to handle from the standpoint if someone comes in and wants to get a permit or needs a building permit you can look back and see what other building permits they had or whatever. It's a system you can build upon," Solchenberger said.

Solchenberger said Shive Hattery can go in and make the sewer, water and storm sewer represent the right spots on the drawings, although they will not be GIS quality. He stated it will take approximately eight to 10 hours each to get the sewer, water and storm sewer to get the proper locations on the drawing. He said in less than 40 hours they can have all the information and have it in pretty close proximity to where it should be on the Beacon maps. He stated the software will also be beneficial in tracking work done by city workers.

"This asset management recording that you're going to be able to do for maintenance and operation is an important thing because it helps you track what's going on with your systems in a more orderly fashion," Solchenberger said.

Camanche City Administrator Andrew Kida stated the intent is for city workers to have tablets to be able use the software. He stated the city is looking more at tracking information rather than for mapping information.

"I think we'd be using the tablets less for mapping information but more for tracking work orders and work in the form of logging in and logging out and those kinds of things," Kida said. "Where I'm located at or where the locations are generally at. If you needed to get specific I'm sure a map would be, you're right, a better tool."

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