Industrial electrical rehabilitation

Interstate Power Co., 2001 Beaver Channel Parkway, Electric Service, $8,000.

Commercial exterior remodel

Pinnacle Sport & Spine, 2344 Camanche Ave., Work done by owner, $4,000.

Commercial interior remodel

The Closet, 1015 13th Ave. North, Tom Naughton, $3,000.

Commercial sign

Culligan, 2705 S. 17th St., Allen Sign Company, $2,000.

Citizens First Bank, 1442 Lincolnway, Lange Sign Group, $500.

DHCU Deer Harvester Credit Union, 2445 Valley West Drive, Lange Sign Group, $39,480.

Commercial water heater

Country Inn & Suites, 2224 Lincolnway, Domestic Plumbing, $5,000.

Bickford Cottage, 1150 13th Ave. North, Domestic Plumbing, $5,000.

Pizza Ranch, 1347 11th St. Northwest, Hugunin Sewer, $1,000.

Commercial electrical rehabilitation

Ashford, 1501 Harrison Drive, Leslie Electric, $800.

Commercial HVAC

Regency Retirement Home, 839 13th Ave. North, Air Control, $2,590.

Zoning Board of Appeals application

Right Lane Motors LLC, 1960 S. 21st St., Cindy Clancy-Fee, $0.

New residential accessory building

Thomas M. Mussman, 406 22nd Place, Tom Mussman, $7,000.

Residential addition

John D. and Kimberly L. Lueders, 1104 Woodland Drive, JD Lueders, $10,000.

Kelly J. Kerkhoven, 1221 Eighth Ave. North, Ebensberger Construction, $73,750.

Residential exterior remodel

Ray Coverdell, 113 N. Sixth St., Ray Coverdell, $8,000.

Kevin E. and Sandra J. Brown, 1812 Fifth Ave. South, Pro Craft, $1,500.

Anna M. Kash, 1511 Third Ave. North, True Construction, $7,900.

Towne & Country Homes LLC, 1701 Garrett Ave., Dan Dolan Homes, $25,000.

Don L. Austin, 3128 N. Third St., Work done by owner, $10,000.

Nancy and Ronald W. Juist, 260 19th Ave. North, Ugarph, $2,000.

Residential interior remodel

John Melvin III, 901 S. 18th St., By owner, $3,000.

Michael E. Griffin, 1230 14th Ave. South, Jonathan Griffin, $5,000.

Bryce and Laura Burget, 501 Millridge Road, True Construction, $2,700.

Juanita K. Bielenberg, 412 Third Ave. South, Juanita Bielenberg, $3,000.

Dale and Nancy Bott, 242 34th Ave. North, Greg Crawford, $3,500.

James R. and Patricia Turner, 2216 12th Ave. South, Midwest Reconstruction, $10,336.

Residential fence/shed/pool

David K. and Amber M. Huling, 255 25th Ave. North, David Huling, $800.

John S. Cochran Jr. and Melinda L. Turner, 2315 Chancy St., John Cochran, $1,500.

Sammy R. Ruthart, 834 14th Ave. South, Sammy Ruthart, $600.

Heather E. Dykstra, 1133 Eighth Ave. South, Heather Dykstra, $500.

David B. and Penny L. Anderson, 1049 14th Ave. South, Owner, $500.

Sherry L. Parker and Kristy Pohl, 2304 Wallace St., Homeowner, $2,600.

Glenn A. and Cindy C. Velchansky, 726 10th Ave. South, River City Fence, $700.

Steven and Deborah Sandholdt, 2512 Garfield St., River City Fence, $700.

Beth A. Dierks and Pamela S. Norman, 1141 11th Ave. North, Tipton Pools and Spas, $35,000.

John D. and Kimberly L. Lueders, 1104 Woodland Drive, $800.

Mark and Kristina L. Roling, 313 Main Ave., Mark Roling, $2,000.

Jeremy M. and Katie M. Brown, 817 Fifth Ave. South, American Fence and Pool, $2,200.

Carole E. Zickau, 312 N. Third St., American Fence and Pool, $2,400.

Darla J. Jorgensen, 1025 10th Ave. North, American Fence and Pool, $888.

Residential deck/porch/ADA ramp

Mary K. and Dennis J. Wright, 613 Locust Place, Wright, $5,000.

Bertron L. Davis, 1129 Pershing Blvd., Bertron Davis, $500.

Paul and Constance Banker, 355 19th Place, Owner, $700.

WM Robt and Joan M. Ross, 530 Fourth Ave. North, True Construction, $3,950.

Troy A. Malone, 2212 Third Ave. North, True Construction, $2,000.

Residential rehabilitation

Cash Bimm, 2417 Sabula Ave., Cash Bimm, $15,000.

M & T Land Company LLC, 621 Kenilworth Court, M & T Land Company, $36,000.

Lori Lee Whitehead, 1317 15th Ave. South, Lori Lorst, $3,500.

Residential siding

Sterling Federal Bank, 1432 Prospect Ave., Conkling Real Estate Mgmt, $1,500.

Michael P. and Rhonda E. Howard, 3211 Cleveland St., Ugarph Construction, $4,000.

Edward R. Bursott, 1350 Springdale Drive, Jensens Home Improvement, $10,000.

Residential roof

Roeders Property Management LLC, 742 Ninth Ave. South, Eddie Ostreich, $1,000.

Christopher M. Thomas, 640 Seventh Ave. South, Christopher Thomas, $800.

Lee and Jody Sweely, 646 Eighth Ave. South, Stay Dry, $9,500.

Kerry Kustes, 603 Main Ave., Kerry Kustes, $6,000.

Mary Soesbe, 2203 Garfield St., Nichols Construction, $6,600.

Brian L. and Brandy L. Dalton, 1320 11th Ave. North, Jeff King, $6,500.

David A. Olsen, 2617 Pershing Blvd., Nichols Roofing, $6,600.

Rodney L. and Laurie E. Till, 623 Second Ave. South, Ugarph, $5,400.

James and Diane Pillers, 515 14th Ave. North, Sta-Dry Roofing, $9,000.

Mary Ellen Eckelberg, 2430 N. Second St., BW Construction, $3,000.

Lawrence S. and Janelle F. Pridemore, 716 Main Ave., Sta-Dry Roofing, $6,800.

Arnold E. Outzen, 1212 S. 10th St., Jeff King, $9,200.

Charles and Brenda Thornton, 239 Main Ave., Foley Roofing, $5,500.

Leatha M. James, 336 Second Ave. North, Bzzzzy Bee, $2,000.

Timothy L. and Lupe Thomas, 961 S. 18th St., Morrison Roofing, $6,600.

Ronald P. and Karen L. Maydew, 1405 Prospect Ave., Morrison Roofing, $3,600.

Ronald L. and Lucinda S. Lehne, 1307 N. Third St., Morrison Roofing, $6,000.

Kevin S. and Julie M. House, 250 Cragmor Drive, Kevin House, $4,000.

OHP 1 LC, 1617 Iowa Ave., Meador Construction, $1,500.

Justus Immel, 643 First Ave., CME Construction, $1,000.

Kaja Holdings 2 LLC, 2320 Camanche Ave., By contract buyer, $2,000.

James D. Cavinder, 2323 N. Ninth St., Nichols Roofing, $600.

Samuel and Patricia Carver, 1016 16th Ave. South, Jeff King, $9,000.

Michael P. and Rhonda E. Howard, 3211 Cleveland St., Work done by owner, $4,000.

Laura L. Varner, 1209 S. Eighth St., Laura Varner, $1,000.

Robert M. and M. Rosemary Benson, 913 13th Ave. South, Jeff King Roofing, $4,000.

Douglas W. Farley, 2003 N. Seventh St., Ugarph Construction, $2,400.

James V. and Linda L. Bailey, 1145 15th Ave. South, James Bailey, $6,000.

Gary L. and Nancy A. Migawa, 422 N. Fourth St., Gary Migawa, $2,500.

Sterling Federal Bank, 1432 Prospect Ave., Sterling Federal Bank, $2,500.

Jack and Patricia McEachron, 719 N. 13th St., Jeff King, $4,000.

Robert Carlson, 1209 25th Ave. North, Morrison Roofing, $9,600.

Janice M. Schutte, 1719 Pershing Blvd., Ugarph Construction, $5,800.

Ross Matthew Niles, 1812 Spence Court, Bzzzy Bee, $6,800.

Rita J. Kaup, 1925 Circle Drive South, AAR Construction, $6,359.

Thomas N. Bass Jr. and Lori Bass, 604 S. 18th St., AAR Construction, $4,384.

Rhonda A. Hartsock, 1311 13th Ave. North, AAR Construction, $7,050.

Thomas and Ronda Tietjens, 732 Park Place, Affordable Gen Maint, $5,000.

Daniel Mosell, 613 Highview Drive, Affordable Gen Maint, $2,000.

Frank J. and Sharon K. Esposito, 1319 Woodlawn Ave., Affordable Gen Maint, $1,500.

Randall and Christine Meier, 3916 Brandy Lane, Stay Dr, $1,200.

Residential water heater

Patrick Balk, 554 Fourth Ave. South, Hugunin Plumbing, $225.

Leigh and Mitchell Milnes, 2208 Roosevelt St., Mitchell Milnes, $300.

Burton and Mary Ehlers, 1019 13th Ave. South, Hugunin Sewer, $900.

Curtis and Brooke Miller, 2209 Garfield St., Petersen Plumbing, $800.

David Dawson, 561 Fourth Ave. South, Jim Pruett, $500.

Wade W. and Ethel Stracener, 1342 Florence Ave., Hugunin Plumbing, $800.

Skyline Center Housing, 800 28th Ave. North, Economy Plumbing, $1,300.

Regans Rentals LLC, 524 Sixth Ave. North, Hugunin, $750.

Brian and Rhonda Kearns, 262 22nd Ave. North, Voss Brothers, $750.

Stacy Schroeder, 753 Sixth Ave. South, Hugunin Sewer, $800.

Francis J. Horan Jr., 2705 Cleveland St., Hugunin Sewer & Plumbing, $5.

LOLA Properties LLC, 602 S. Ninth St., Eggers Plumbing, $200.

David and Michelle Spooner, 2329 Garfield St., Tom Fuller, $830.

James E. and Lorie E. Cavanagh, 430 Apple Lane, Voss Plumbing, $1,170.

Robyn L. Smith, 3126 Roosevelt St., Muddy Water Plumbing, $400.

George and Judith Leonard, 1900 14th Ave. South, Hugunin, $1,345.

Gary P. and Robin Strausser, 607 14th Ave. South, Hugunin Plumbing, $768.

Mary Lou Hannafan, 1715 N. Eighth St., Fuller Plumbing, $650.

TDS Investments LLC, 2920 Roosevelt St., Joe Ottens, $650.


David Schmooke and Kimberly S. Johnston, 2408 Barker St., Boonstra Heating, $1,000.

Roger Allen Olderwold, 617 Locust Place, JL Brady, $5,147.

Brandy L. and Mandy L. Wiersma, 544 Second Ave. South, JL Brady, $2,280.

Ida M. Rivers, 1348 Harrison Drive, JL Brady, $3,845.

Executive Plaza Building, 1127 N. Second St., Air Control Inc., $2,870.

Gary L. and Ruth A. Spilger, 831 Sixth Ave. South, Air Control, $2,845.

Eagle Point Realty, 2722 Cleveland St., Advanced Temperature, $1,700.

Debbie Ludvigsen, 1644 Seventh Ave. South, Petersen Plumbing, $800.

DeeBees LLC, 111 S. Seventh St., Boonstra Heating, $2,545.

Charles and Brenda Thornton, 239 Main Ave., River Cities Heating, $6,500.

Douglas S. and Molly Dunham, 1019 Main Ave., Boonstra Heating, $2,665.

Spencer A. Touchie Living Trust, 717 S. Seventh St., Spencer Touchie, $2,500.

Bzzzy B. Properies LLC, 220 Fourth Ave. South, RHA, $2,200.

Jessica L. Kinser, 726 Breezy Drive, Air Control, $4,979.

Today's Dental Family Dentistry, 1801 Manufacturing Drive, Advanced Temperature, $7,380.

Residential electric service

Hometown Real Estate LLC, 724 N. 11th St., G & S Construction, $1,000.

Sherry L. Parker, 115 16th Place, Mark Robinson (per M.H.), $2,000.

Eagle Point Realty, 2722 Cleveland St., G & S Construction, $500.

Jessica M. Stoller, 367 19th Place, Leslie Electric, $700.

Roy and Martha Eversoll, 2322 Wallace St., Leslie Electric, $1,500.

Carole E. Zickau, 312 N. Third St., Leslie Electric, $1,500.

Donna Peters, 418 19th Ave. North, Mike May Electric, $1,800.

Daniel R. and Mary Kramer, 1235 Third Ave. North, Mike May, $1,500.

Randy Goepfert, 632 Fourth Ave. South, American Electric, $300.

Madeline Behrens, 1132 Eighth Ave. North, Mike May Electric, $800.

Residential electric rehabilitation

Robyn L. Smith, 3126 Roosevelt St., Erickson Electric, $200.

Peter and Alexander Betchtel, 443 Fourth Ave. North, Mike May Electric, $900.

Residential plumbing rehabilitation

Danny R. and Joan M. Ball, 3009 N. Third St., Petersen Plumbing, $800.

Teresa Sechrest, 735 Melrose Court, Mid America Basement Syst, $8,200.

Larry L. and Sherrie A. Mueller, 2221 13th Ave. North, Mid American Basement, $9,148.

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