Clinton Duplicate Bridge Club

CLINTON — Tom Tegeler and Sandy Tegeler were top Clinton Duplicate Bridge Club winners recently at Bickford Cottage. Mary Duhr and Phyllis Morris were second; Georgia Parks and Norma McDonnell, third; John Mulholland and Judy Doughty, fourth; James Carey and John Carlin, fifth; Carol Hill and Geneene Pals, sixth; Dan Dawson and Pat Dawson, seventh; Bob Hill and Elaine Fishwild, eighth; Randy Miles and Brian Beecher, ninth; Kasu Rickertsen and Pat Miller, 10th; and Frank Nester and Bill Willrett placed 11th.

The next Bridge game will begin at 6:30 p.m. Monday at Bickford Cottage.

Clinton Boat Club Bridge

CLINTON — The Clinton Boat Club bridge players met recently at the Corner Deli. The winners of the 10 tables for the evening are: first, Joan Muhs and Martha Hayes; second, John Carlin and Jim Carey; third, Mike and Peg Wolf; fourth, David Peters and Kathy Peters; fifth, Lucy Melvin and Elaine Fishwild; sixth, Dan Dawson and Cindy Kaim; seventh, Bill Willrett and Faye Bull; eighth, Don and Judy Doughty; ninth, Marion Goerdt and Janice Wheelock; and 10th place, Mary Duhr and Kasu Rickertsen.

The group will meet again at the Corner Deli on June 1.