CLINTON — Celebrating its second anniversary during the first week of September, Community Health Care's Clinton location has been serving more Gateway area community members than ever before.

So much so, that officials are hopeful that the future will bring the need for a more expanded staff — something the organization is already seeing.

Now up to two full-time healthcare providers and one part-time staffer, the Clinton location is on the up and up.

"We're hoping that sometime in 2018 we'll have the need to bring in another full-time provider," Community Health Care Marketing and Recruitment Coordinator Shaun Taylor said. "We're confident that we've got a lot of room for growth in providers and also the number of services that we'll be able to offer at our Clinton location. We're fortunate to have gotten to a good patient base, and things are looking very positive in Clinton."

The Quad Cities-based organization is able to offer both medical and dental services at the Clinton wing, located at 925 S. Fourth St. But it hasn't stopped there.

Taylor said the group has now been able to partner with Clinton's Bridgeview Community Mental Health Center to offer behavioral health services, as well. Launching in mid-August, the addition of the service is certainly a welcome sight for not only CHC officials, but also those in the Clinton area struggling with mental health.

"In the Quad-Cities, all of our clinics have a behavioral health specialist on site, so to partner with Bridgeview in Clinton is a step in the right direction," Taylor said. "For the most part, everybody knows how difficult behavioral health can be to address, but we feel like we're tackling it the best that we can."

Along with skyrocketing overall patient numbers, pediatrics have become a point of emphasis at CHC's Clinton location. Treating children in "record numbers," according to Taylor, the facility is right now addressing numerous back-to-school procedures such as physical exams and other regular check-ups.

Another addition for the Clinton facility has been same-day appointments, Taylor said. Starting for the first time this spring, patients with acute injury or illness have been able to attempt walk-in appointments. Though those patients won't take priority over anyone with a prior appointment, it's a new opportunity for CHC to better serve patients at one of their locations.

"The walk-in appointments are something that we're definitely excited about," Taylor said. "Obviously there are no guarantees when someone walks in that they'll immediately be able to see one of our providers, but at least now they'll have the chance to immediately be served when they walk in. That's something that is new and improved."

The onslaught of upgrades, for a facility that's only been open for two years, is a testament to the organization's passion for serving its patients, according to Taylor. One of those changes is a streamlined phone connection to the Clinton location, cutting out a middleman connector in the Quad Cities.

That direct line, (563) 259-6004, allows for a faster, more convenient treatment process — which is the over-arching goal of Community Health Care, no matter the location.

"For us, it's about accessibility; it has to be," Taylor said. "That's one of the main components of our mission. At the end of the day, everybody is just looking for treatment in the quickest, most convenient way for them. We feel that our Clinton spot now has the most streamlined process in our entire Community Health Care system. That's something we're very proud of, and something that the Clinton community should feel really good about."