CLINTON — A Clinton man was ordered to complete the Residential Corrections Facility program after stipulating to violating the terms of probation.

Cody L. Graves, 24, 334 21st Place, appeared Thursday in Clinton County District Court for a probation revocation hearing. Graves stipulated to violating the terms of probation as alleged in the probation violation report.

The court found Graves was in violation of his probation and found him in contempt of court. Clinton County District Court Judge Mark Lawson ordered Graves to enter and successfully complete the Residential Corrections Facility program as an added condition of probation.

Graves will be placed back on probation under the same terms and conditions upon successful completion of the Residential Corrections Facility program. The court ordered Graves to pay court-appointed attorney fees not to exceed $300. The Clinton County sheriff was ordered to transport Graves to the Residential Corrections Facility in Davenport when bed space becomes available.

Graves appeared in Clinton County District Court in August for sentencing for second-degree theft. District Court Judge Nancy Tabor granted Graves a deferred judgement. Graves was placed on probation for three years unless sooner release by the court. Graves was ordered to pay $427 in victim restitution to Wal-Mart.

Specific conditions of probation imposed included payment of all costs and fees imposed, Graves successfully completing any recommended treatment, abstaining from the use of controlled substances, maintaining employment and any other condition imposed by the probation officer.

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