CLINTON — A Cedar Rapids woman is charged with four felony sexual abuse offenses.

Mikaela M. Busch, 31, is charged with four counts of third-degree sexual abuse. Attorney John Kies was appointed to represent Busch. A preliminary hearing is set for 8:30 a.m. March 2.

Assistant Clinton County Attorney Ross Barlow on Tuesday submitted a motion to restrict public access to the complaint and affidavit. Barlow in the motion states the alleged sexual abuse was by a 31-year-old female upon a 14-year-old male. The motion states the complaint inadvertently listed the identity and address of the 14-year-old male. The motion states public disclosure of the identity and address of the 14-year-old male is potentially harmful to him. The motion continues that restricting disclosure of the juvenile male’s identity does not harm or prejudice Busch in any manner.

District Associate Judge Phillip Tabor on Wednesday ordered that the complaint and affidavit should not be considered public record. The Clerk of Court was ordered not to disclose the documents. The order states the Clerk of Court should set the documents at a security level to prevent public access.

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