CLINTON — A man was ordered to serve a sentence in the Clinton County Jail after stipulating to violating the terms of probation.

Demetrius J. McIver-Kitch, 23, appeared Thursday in Clinton County District Court for a probation revocation hearing. McIver-Kitch stipulated to violations contained in the report of violation. The court found McIver-Kitch violated the terms of probation and was in contempt of court for the violation. District Court Judge Joel Barrows ordered McIver-Kitch to serve 90 days in the Clinton County Jail. McIver-Kitch was ordered to enter and successfully complete the Residential Corrections Facility program as an additional condition of probation. The contempt sentence will be suspended if bed space at the RCF becomes available during the sentence. McIver-Kitch’s deferred judgement was ordered to remain intact.

McIver-Kitch appeared on June 2 in Clinton County District Court for sentencing for second-degree burglary. District Court Judge Paul Macek granted McIver-Kitch a deferred judgement. A $1,000 civil penalty was suspended. McIver-Kitch was placed on probation for three years . A condition of probation was McIver-Kitch immediately reporting to the RCF and successfully completing the program.

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