CLINTON — The State of Iowa filed a petition to revoke probation for a Camanche woman previously granted a suspended sentence on a felony drug charge.

Assistant Clinton County Attorney James McHugh on Tuesday filed a petition to revoke probation for Kelly S. Determan, 38. McHugh in the report alleges Determan violated the terms and conditions of probation based on the report of violation. Attorney John Kies was appointed to represent Determan. A revocation hearing is set for 10:45 a.m. Feb. 8.

The report of violation, submitted by probation officer Debbie James, alleges Determan violated the rule concerning possession/use of drugs or intoxicants. The report alleges at 3:53 p.m. Jan. 18, a residential officer at the Work Release Center administered a urinalysis on Determan. The test allegedly yielded positive results for cocaine, TCH, OPI, methamphetamines and amphetamines. The residential officer questioned Determan, who denied any drug usage. She stated she had been awake for four days and was nervous about coming into the facility.

The report continues upon James’ arrival for a shift at 4 p.m., the residential officer provided James with shift change information so James could continue with Determan’s intake. Determan during the intake stated she was hungry. James walked Determan down to the dining area and observed her nodding her head and about to fall into her food. James yelled Determan’s name and she jumped awake. James stated it was best to bring Determan back to the intake room where she observed Determan walking in a daze. James spoke with Residential Supervisor Kendrick Howard and decided it was best to look into detox at Country Oaks. James, while waiting for transport to Country Oaks, observed Determan’s motor skills begin to deteriorate. Determan became more unresponsive. The decision was made to transport Determan to Genesis West emergency room.

The report continues while walking to the van, Determan needed assistance to walk as her balance was unsteady. She was unable to respond to questions with the correct answers upon arrival to the emergency room. James allegedly had to hold Determan up while getting her vitals taken so she would not fall over. Determan upon arriving to the room allegedly began to make delusional comments talking about characters in comic books and speaking of a person who was not there. They were unable to get an IV started because every time doctors attempted to stick a needle in her arm she tensed up and flinched. They secured the IV when Narcan was administered. The Narcan had no effect due to it being used for opiate or heroin overdose. Determan at this time was completely unresponsive. Doctors thought it was best to send Determan to the Genesis East intensive care unit.

“Ms. Determan appeared at her sentencing hearing on Dec. 21 and was given the opportunity to successfully complete the program at the Work Release Center as a special condition of her probation,” the report states. She was also ordered to complete a substance abuse evaluation and participate in all recommended treatment. In light of her violations, Ms. Determan does not appear to be an appropriate candidate for programming at this time. She was a resident at the WRC in 2015 and knew from experience that her bold drug using behavior would not be tolerated. Her probation was revoked at that time for these same problems.”

District Court Judge Stuart Werling on Dec. 21 ordered a sentence of incarceration not to exceed five years for possession of a controlled substance, clonazepam, third or subsequent offense, be suspended. Werling placed Determan on supervised probation for a period of two years. Conditions of probation included Determan being ordered to obtain a substance abuse evaluation at her own costs and follow through with any recommended treatment and completing the Residential Corrections Facility programming in Davenport.

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