CLINTON — A Clinton woman previously granted a deferred judgement on two counts of identity theft was ordered to serve a term of incarceration after violating the terms of probation a second time.

Christy M. Hansen, 38, 1230 N. Third St., appeared Thursday in Clinton County District Court for a revocation hearing. Hansen stipulated to violating the terms of probation. District Court Judge Stuart Werling revoked Hansen's deferred judgement and ordered Hansen to serve an indeterminate term of incarceration not to exceed five years on one count of identity theft and not to exceed two years on another count of identity theft. The sentences were ordered to run concurrently. She was given credit for time served.

A $750 fine was suspended. A $625 fine was imposed.

Hansen was sentenced in April and granted a deferred judgement on both counts of identity theft. Hansen in June stipulated to violating the terms of probation as alleged. The court modified the terms of Hansen's probation to require her to attend and successfully complete programming at the Work Release Center.

The report of violation submitted by Probation Officer Josh Nelson alleges Hansen violated the terms of probation, citing fighting as the rule violated. The report alleges that at 10:10 p.m. June 30, resident officers responded to the east wing of the fourth floor of the Davenport Work Release Center and observed a female resident on the floor balled up and Hansen kicking her in the back while she walked away, stating "you're going to talk about my kids, you're going to laugh in my face about my kids."

The officer grabbed Hansen and informed her she needed to go downstairs. The officer asked Hansen what happened and she stated the other female resident knocked on her door and stated "I heard you were mad at me about a shirt." Hansen stated words were exchanged and the other female resident stated to Hansen that she was a bad mother and that's why her kids were taken as she was laughing. Hansen stated she just lost it after that occurred. The officer asked the other female what happened and why she was at Hansen's door. The resident stated she went to apologize to Hansen. Hansen was removed from the facility and transported to the Scott County Jail.

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