Sapp granted deferred judgement

CLINTON — A Clinton man who had a role in two assaults that occurred in less than a month was granted a deferred judgement for one felony and one misdemeanor charge.

Dedric C. Sapp, 25, 826 Gateway Ave., No. 6, appeared Thursday in Clinton County District Court for sentencing for assault causing serious injury, a Class D felony; and assault causing bodily injury, a serious misdemeanor.

Assistant Clinton County Attorney Ross Barlow recommended the court order incarceration. Barlow stated the two assaults occurred over a short period of time, with one resulting in serious injury due to a person being stabbed and hospitalized. He said the circumstances of the offenses make incarceration appropriate.

Defense attorney Mary Wolfe requested the court grant Sapp a deferred judgement on the felony assault charge. She left it up to the court's discretion on the sentence to impose for the misdemeanor charge. She cited Sapp's success on pre-trial release, stating he has maintained employment and has done whatever the court system asked of him. She said a felony on his record with no high school degree would have a negative impact on Sapp's ability to maintain employment.

Sapp stated he realized what he did was wrong and that he hurt an individual, which he admitted he cannot take back. He said all he can do is keep working and stay out of trouble. He completed anger management classes and has been going to New Directions.

"I can't take back what I did," Sapp said. "I know what I did was wrong."

District Court Judge Patrick McElyea granted Sapp a deferred judgement on both charges. He ordered Sapp to pay a $750 civil penalty for the felony assault charge and a $315 civil penalty for the misdemeanor assault charge. Sapp was ordered to pay attorney fees not to exceed $1,000 in each of the two cases. Sapp was placed on probation for three years. Terms of probation include Sapp paying court costs and attorney fees, following through with substance abuse treatment, abstaining from controlled substances and alcohol and obtaining his GED.

McElyea said it was important Sapp was compliant while on supervised pre-trial release. McElyea said he would give Sapp an opportunity to show the offenses were a one-time thing and the type of behavior will not happen again.

"This is kind of your one shot and I don't know if you're going to get another one," McElyea said.

Charges of second-degree burglary, fifth-degree criminal mischief and assault were dismissed at sentencing.

Co-defendant Dillon M. Huycke in June was ordered to serve a sentence not to exceed two years for two counts of assault with a dangerous weapon. The two sentences not to exceed two years were ordered to be served concurrently.