CLINTON — The Clinton County Sheriff’s Office will provide temporary patrol assistance to the Camanche Police Department.

The Clinton County Board of Supervisors on Monday approved a motion to authorize Board Chairman Shawn Hamerlinck to sign a contract with the city of Camanche to provide patrol assistance for a temporary period. Clinton County Sheriff Rick Lincoln said the sheriff’s office received the request from Camanche Police Chief Colin Reid.

“Camanche Police Chief Colin Reid had contacted me last week indicating he’s going to have some staffing issues,” Lincoln said. “He has a new officer who has been hired and has not yet attended the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy, which is 16 weeks. And due to some other issues with his current staff he’s afraid he’s going to have some shifts that he’s not going to be able to cover with police officers. He was asking if we would be interested in entering into an agreement to provide coverage for those gaps in his scheduling as needed.”

Lincoln stated the Clinton County Sheriff’s Office currently is in agreements with 11 small communities to provide full-time law enforcement services. Lincoln stated they will modify those agreements to fit Camanche’s temporary needs.

“I visited with County Attorney Mike Wolf and we were simply going to try to modify that contract to meet the needs of Camanche and cover the cost of the county to cover for those shifts that we would need to at the overtime rate and for the squad car,” Lincoln said.

The Camanche City Council on Nov. 7 approved a resolution hiring Logan Sherman as a probationary police officer, third class, effective Nov. 8.

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