Referendum is Feb. 6

Rachael Keating/Clinton HeraldIf taxpayers in the Easton Valley Community School District vote yes to a tax raise on Feb. 6, the three-story, 101-year-old section of Easton Valley Elementary School in Miles will be taken down and the elementary school will be constructed as a one-level school. There also would be improvements to the high school and middle school in Preston.

Rachael Keating 2018

MILES — Garnering less than the necessary 60 percent of votes, the referendum for the Easton Valley School District failed Tuesday. 

A majority of voters on Tuesday approved of the plan that would create improvements to the district while increasing property taxes. A total of 1,348 votes were cast, with 771 voting "yes" and 576 voting "no," good enough for a total of 57 percent. 

However, the referendum requires a 60 percent majority. 

More people were in favor of the plan this time than in the June 2017 election. Three more people voted "no," while 160 more people voted "yes." 

"The need for safe, accessible, and quality learning spaces remains," an Easton Valley statement reads. "Therefore, we remain committed to partnering with our community members to determine the next steps. Even though the results of the election fell short of the required 60 percent needed to pass, the numbers indicate increased support for the project."

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