PRESTON — The Easton Valley School Board agreed to send a letter to the East Central School Board and superintendent asking for permission to enter the Miles and Sabula School buildings on or before June 1.

In order to prepare for the inaugural school year, Easton Valley board members have made a number of decisions regarding the school buildings including where students will attend classes and how to paint the gym floors with the new mascot image and colors. They would like to prepare for these changes once school has ended, but before the two districts merge.

They also would like access to the Miles and Sabula buildings in order to address further maintenance and other needs, board members said.

”To me, we should be allowed in everything but their office because they still have work to do in their office,” Easton Valley Superintendent Bob Lagerblade said.

Lagerblade explained to board members during their Thursday night meeting that when asked over the telephone if Easton Valley officials could enter the buildings before the Preston and East Central districts officially merge on July 1, East Central officials said “no.” This response prompted Easton Valley officials to send the letter to all board members as well as East Central Superintendent Neil Gray, asking for permission in hopes that the East Central School Board would consider it during its meeting tonight.

The letter the school board agreed to send is from Easton Valley School Board President Craig Thines. It asks for the board to consider allowing access and for East Central officials to explain their decision if they choose not to grant the request.

“In order to be fair to all the students of Easton Valley next year and to the staff, which a lot of those people are working in East Cental now, to have a fair chance to be prepared, we need to be in those buildings as soon as the school year is out,” Easton Valley Board member Richard Keeney said. “We’ve always said it’s for the best interest of the students.”

Gray could not be reached for comment before this story’s press deadline.

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