CLINTON — Group grief counseling will be made available to Clinton High School students on a regular basis beginning next week.

According to CHS counselor Sue Schrader, grief counseling has been available on an individual basis by the school's counseling department in the past. Next week, students will have the opportunity to start meeting in groups regularly.

It's an opportunity that Schrader is looking forward to in light of recent events, which have included the death of a CHS student. Though small groups have been a part of regular school counseling in the past, Schrader says, introducing the groups to the grief counseling process will be beneficial for all involved.

"We see a need at the school due to recent events," Schrader said. "The CHS family as a whole has felt a need recently. The school counseling department felt that a group would be beneficial."

The program will be run by Schrader and fellow CHS counselor Amanda Steines.

Schrader says that if any additional help is needed with the counseling, students may be able to seek help from outside agencies.

Schrader hopes that the group setting will provide a more expansive outreach for students who may be going through a grieving process at one time or another.

"The goal of the program is to support our students during the grieving process and allow them a safe place to gain information, express their feelings, and support each other," Schrader said. "The CHS counseling staff is always here for our students, and have been nationally recognized for our efforts."

The CHS counseling department has received accolades such as the RAMP award for delivering "A comprehensive, data-driven counseling program in an exemplary educational environment," according to the department's website, as well as the John L. Thompson Award for Excellence in School Counseling.

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