CLINTON — A Moline, Ill., man was granted a suspended sentence on a theft charge despite a pre-sentence investigation report recommending incarceration.

Michael D. Roberson Jr., 29, appeared Thursday in Clinton County District Court for sentencing for second-degree theft, a class D felony. Defense Attorney Blake Parker said between this case in Clinton County and an unrelated case in Scott County, Roberson Jr. served roughly six months in the Clinton County and Scott County jails. Roberson Jr. told the court since he pleaded guilty to the charge and was released from jail, he did seek assistance for treatment and received an evaluation. He is employed and received 30 months probation for charges in Illinois.

District Court Judge Mary Howes said she was “not going to go along” with the pre-sentence investigation report recommendation for incarceration. She placed Roberson Jr. on probation for two years unless sooner released. She added if he were sent to prison he would not even serve six months with credit for time spent in the Clinton County Jail. She ordered Roberson Jr. to pay a $750 fine. Howes ordered Roberson Jr. to maintain employment. She left it up to the probation officer what classes Roberson Jr. is ordered to take and complete.

According to the affidavit, at or about 12:27 a.m. Jan. 31, a male went to his granddaughter’s residence in Grand Mound. The male observed a white pickup truck arrive at the residence and park behind the garage. The male then observed two white males inside the residence.

The affidavit states the white truck eventually left the property and the male followed the truck. The vehicle drove in Scott County toward Donahue. The male called the police. The male reported he believed the subjects had removed property from the residence. Scott County deputies a short time later located the vehicle and stopped it. Roberson Jr. was a front seat passenger. Roberson Jr’s friend was the driver.

The affidavit continues a deputy spoke with the driver and advised him he was being detained due to information being received that he and Roberson Jr. were allegedly involved in a burglary. The driver told the deputy he was just helping Roberson Jr. retrieve property from a residence. The driver said Roberson Jr. was breaking up with his girlfriend. The driver did not want Roberson Jr. to lose all his property. The female came to the scene of the traffic stop and identified items in the bed of the truck as belonging to her and her landlord. The female reported a 55 inch flat screen television valued at $350 had been taken from her residence.

The affidavit states the landlord advised Clinton County deputies numerous items had been taken from the property that belonged to him. The landlord reported a silver and blue remote controlled helicopter valued at $1,200, a blue and gray razor dirt bike valued at $300 and a welder valued at $880 had been taken. The total value of the items in the truck was $1,850.