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Alan St. George works on the sculpture "Imagination."

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The art of Alan St. George, of Savanna, Ill., will become available to the public for the first time in four decades and he recently presented works to a TV star and two Las Vegas icons.

St. George is the owner of Facemakers, which provides mascot costumes to a wide venue of customers. He and his late wife, Adrianne, spent nearly 36 years building the 63-room HavenCrest Castle, in Savanna. The castle is filled with his original paintings, murals and statuary. St. George supports local not-for-profit organizations as well as national causes “dedicated to reducing the alienation of the individual” in society, with an emphasis on suicide prevention and intervention.

St. George sponsors a variety of philanthropic causes for the arts, and has most recently been inspired to devote more time to sculptures in bronze. According to a press release, St. George’s first series of sculptures to be available to the world will be “Art for Love's Sake,” which he hopes will speak to everyone's heart in the most personal and relatable manner. St. George uses his dreams and imagination to lead him as he creates new works in his series. The “Art for Love’s Sake" can be seen at

To launch the “Art for Love’s Sake” series, St. George sought out stories that inspired him to create the “With These Hands” series, dedicated to celebrities whose contributions to society have made an impact on the world. He recently was invited to Las Vegas and Hollywood to personally present sculptures to celebrities Siegfried and Roy and Neil Patrick Harris.

St. George presented “Imagination,” a bronze sculpture signifying “imagination, dreams and intention into the ‘real’ world of master illusionists” to Roy Horn and Siegfried Fischbacher on March 24. These illusionists and animal masters are well known internationally for producing spectacular shows that included working with white lions and white tigers. Living in Las Vegas, they are now retired from show business.

Imagination features a tiger mask “floating” in a helix. According to the press release, it represents a pathway from the subconscious to the roadway of life. Under close examination, the original one-of-a-kind piece reveals miniature portraits of the illusionists, doves, magician's gloved hands and astrological symbols.

“They continue to inspire me with their generosity, whether it’s saving tigers, assisting an orphanage in Romania, a school in South Africa, or raising millions for brain research,” St. George said in his press release.

He spent an afternoon at the Las Vegas estate of the illusionists.

A second bronze sculpture titled “Love Triumphant” was presented to Neil Patrick Harris at the Magic Castle in Hollywood, on March 25. Harris is the recipient of many awards, including several Emmys, Golden Globes and People’s Choice awards. He supports charities such as Children International, Feeding America, Stand Up to Cancer, and Susan G. Komen for the Cure. He is the father of fraternal twins Gideon Scott and Harper Grace.

“Love Triumphant” features two small infants nestled in the gentle curves of a cupped leaf. They are supported by of a pair of dark, twisted, tortured hands. According to St. George, the hands represent the pain, struggle, hard work, sorrow and loss that is the background to everyone's life. He created the genderless infants embracing each other as an inspiration that love is universal.

 Latin inscription by the poet Virgil is found on the leaf, translating to “Love conquers all, so let us all yield to love.”

“This is one of my very favorites because it illustrates the idea that ‘love-is-love-is-love,’” St. George said in the press release. “It takes more than hard work to be an artist. It takes heartbreak as well, through which can come self-realization, success, joy, passion, and love in a life well-lived.”

A third sculpture titled “Chiaroscuro” was inspired by the life and philanthropy of Ellen DeGeneres. St. George plans to present this to the entertainer as well.

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