Exhibits explaining everything from volcanoes, cells and static electricity to rocketry and electromagnetism were featured at the second annual Ashford University Mu Sigma Eta Science Fair in March.  

Mu Sigma Eta members spent the morning judging the nearly 30 exhibits and named the following winners.

Elementary school

First place — Jenna Spencer, Whittier Elementary, (Tornadoes); second place — Aiden Eagle, Camanche Elementary, (Magnetic Levitating Train); and third place —  Karlee Volrath, Ekstrand Elementary, (Volcano).

Middle school

First place — Mason Lanhart, Camanche Middle School, (Does Shape Matter?); second place —Molly Anderson, Lyons Middle School, (Electricity from Food); and third place — Gabrielle Glowacki, Lyons Middle School, (Genetics of Rabbit Breeding).


First place — Ryann Hubbart and Grace Tubbs, of Whittier Elementary, (Rockets); second place —  Scott Bonde, Bluff Elementary and Dalton Hill, Washington Middle School, (Rapid Expansion of Gas with Dust Explosion).

Most enthusiastic

Kiran Marla, Whittier Elementary, (Energy from Potatoes).

Most knowledgeable, individual

Jarek Leonhardt, Fulton Elementary, (Electromagnetism).

Most knowledgeable, team

Riley Hubbart and Michelle Duong, Lyons Middle School, (Cells).

Most useful

Jasmine Dietrick, Whittier Elementary, (Which Children’s Toothpaste Works the Best?).

Mu Sigma Eta, composed of honor students from the fields of biology, chemistry and mathematics, promotes the scientific development of its members.