Ballet sale

Danyka Jaeger holds a stuffed unicorn among an assortment of the rummage sale items that will be available at the Gateway Contemporary Ballet’s fourth annual rummage sale.

The Gateway Contemporary Ballet is currently collecting an assortment of items to support performance and costume costs.

“The costumes is probably the biggest one (need) since it is a non-for profit organization. There’s no costume expenses for the dancer,” Carousel Dance Studio Instructor Ashley Herrington said.

The GCB will be holding its fourth annual rummage sale from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. March 30 and from 9 a.m. to noon March 31 in the Carousel Dance Studio, 233 Fifth Ave. South. President of the GCB Board Jeanne Borja said the rummage sale has been very successful in past years. They try to hold the sale now, when there are not as many sales held.

“And people are revved up and ready to go for them,” Borja said. “It works out great. People love this stuff.”

Currently, the organization is working on getting the items and getting everything ready for the sale. So far the company has received an assortment of donated items, clothing, DVDs and VHS tapes, books, shoes, purses, kitchen items and bicycles. The GCB dancers and board members have been asking people for items and bringing in items themselves. Posters have also been displayed around the community, promoting the event and asking for items.

Borja is happy with what they have received so far. Besides the rummage sale items, they have also received different gift baskets and items from area organization and GCB board members. These items will be used in a silent auction during the event. Borja is asking that more people donate. Herrington pointed out that any items which are not sold will be given to a local charity. People wanting to donate items should call 242-1002.

Borja and Herrington are thankful to all of the dancers and board members who have helped by picking up items and marking them for sale. The dancers will also work the event. While children are out of school this week of spring break, Borja said they are working to help organize the items and get the studio clear for next week’s dance classes.

Borja wants to encourage people to attend the rummage sale. She said everything is in good condition and is reasonably marked.

“Because we want the community to benefit from it besides,” Borja said. “Because right now, everybody in this economy needs a little help.”

Herrington is excited to be involved in the ballet company and the rummage sale.

“I think it’s a great way for both the ballet company and the community to become connected, get back to one another,” Herrington said. “It’s a great opportunity for the girls to be able to share their talents with everyone and it’s a great way for our community to learn a little more about what we do and help us raise money for our goals in the process.”