Many people have misconceptions about Catholic schools and specifically Prince of Peace Catholic School. Here are the top five myths followed by the accurate information.

Myth #1: You have to be Catholic to attend Prince of Peace Catholic School.

Reality: You do not have to be Catholic to attend. In the 2016-2017 school year, 32 percent of our students were non-Catholic. Though students will learn about the Catholic faith in daily religion classes, all faiths are respected.

Myth #2: You have to be rich to attend.

Reality: Families from all income levels send their children to Prince of Peace. Over 50 percent of students receive financial aid and 14 percent of the students receive free and reduced lunch. Both income-based and scholarships are offered through an application process. Financial support from Prince of Peace Parish allows parish members to send their children with a tuition reduction.

Myth #3: Prince of Peace does not have the technology for today’s students.

Reality: Prince of Peace Catholic School provides technology for both students and our teachers. Classrooms have smartboards/interactive whiteboards. Each classroom, kindergarten through high school, has computers in the classroom. An iPad cart and laptop carts make additional computers available for classrooms. The building has both an elementary computer lab and a high school computer lab. Prince of Peace was the first school in the surrounding area to use Google Classroom as a method of communication with students and parents. Middle school and high school students are allowed to bring their own devices. They connect to the school wi-fi so that they are protected with our web filters.

Myth #4: Prince of Peace does not offer enough academically.

Reality: Prince of Peace excels at offering a rigorous curriculum with academic supports for students from kindergarten through high school. With a strong belief in academics and the arts, our students receive a well-rounded education for whatever they choose to do whether it is college, military or one of the building trades. Prince of Peace Catholic School is accredited by North Central Association and the Iowa Department of Education.

Myth #5: Students do not have many extra-curricular/sports opportunities.

Prince of Peace Catholic School has many opportunities outside the classroom. Students are encouraged to try as many as they would like. Fine arts programs include speech team, drama, vocal music, band, cooking club and art club. Sports includes cross country, volleyball, basketball, soccer, golf, track, baseball, cheerleading and softball. We have a shared sports agreement for sports such as football, wrestling, tennis, and swimming. For our younger students, parent volunteers develop travel teams and skill-building open gyms.

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