County office passport window for web.jpg

Executive Assistant Lynn Tibbetts presents a passport application at the Clinton County Administration Building on Monday.

Samantha Pidde/Clinton Herald
Herald Staff Writer

The Clinton County Administration Building offices will be offering better services for customers seeking gun permit identification cards and passports.

Since January, Clinton County Board of Supervisors Executive Assistant Lynn Tibbetts has been taking photographs and issuing optional picture ID cards. She would bring people into her office to take pictures in front of a small screen. However, she said recent remodeling of her office has made the process easier and more efficient.

Renovations have been completed on two offices and the waiting area. The offices have been combined into one large office. At one end of the wall, a large service window has been cut out of the wall and a counter has been added. Across from the service desk, a wall has been built to be used as a background.

Tibbetts and Secretary Roberta Lewis are also now certified to handle passports. Passports used to be done in the Recorder’s office. Now Tibbetts and Lewis will be in charge of giving out applications, taking passport photos, attaching the pictures to the finished applications in the right order and forwarding the applications to the Regional Passport Agency. Tibbetts said the plan is to be a one-stop-shop for passports.

The office’s passport camera and printer were installed Friday. Tibbetts said they plan to spend this week becoming used to the camera and how they must take each photo. She said the passport photos must meet many requirements for the Regional Passport Agency, including rules on how the head is aligned, the contrast and color saturation.

This week, people can stop by the office to receive gun permit photo ID cards and applications for passports. Tibbetts said they hope to offer the full passport service by Aug. 22. The cost for the passport photo is $10. There will also be a $25 fee for the office to handle passport process, as well as any other costs for the passport itself. The gun permit ID card and passport window hours will be 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.

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