CLINTON — Horace Mann Elementary School closed its doors for the final time Friday. At the same time, a remarkable streak also came to a close for one local family.

At least one member of the Determan family has been attending Horace Mann Elementary for 47 consecutive years. This streak will come to an end this year, as Horace Mann students, along with students at Elijah Buell Elementary, will report to the new Eagle Heights Elementary School in the fall.

The Determan-Horace Mann saga began in 1959 when Jerry and Doris Determan of Clinton sent their oldest son, Gary, to the school. Gary’s seven brothers, Ken, Kevin, Phil, Pat, Dennis, Tim and Mike also attended the school.

Years later, the second generation of Determans began attending Horace Mann. Gary had married, and his four children, David, Teresa, Kyle and Nolan, attended the school.

Gary’s brothers followed suit. Ken sent his two daughters, Krista and Kari, to Horace Mann. They were followed by Dan and Derek, Pat’s two sons. Dennis continued the tradition, sending his daughter, Megan, and his stepdaughter, Shelby Nichols, to Horace Mann Elementary.

It was thought that Megan Determan would break the streak when she left the school in 2003. In fact, an article in a 1997 issue of the Clinton Herald said that the end of the Determan tradition was imminent.

To the contrary, the Determan’s streak continues to this day.

Todd Determan is Jerry and Doris’ nephew. He and his wife Lisa Determan have sent their two children to Horace Mann Elementary. The oldest, 10-year-old Courtney, enrolled in 2001 and is currently in the fifth grade. Six-year-old Brandon Determan is in kindergarten.