Plans are being set to have the new Clinton County building in DeWitt complete by the end of the calendar year.

A total of $865,000 is planned in the upcoming budget plans for construction at the old Candlelight building. During a budget presentation on Thursday, Building Maintenance Manager Corey Johnson told the Board of Supervisors that this amount would complete all of the work at the building, except for the parking lot and a garage for the sheriff’s office. The parking lot would be finished next year and the garage is planned for some time further down the line.

“Let’s deal with it. Let’s put it together. Let’s make it serviceable for the people,” Supervisor Jill Davisson said. She felt that there are many people on west end of the county who are anxious to have treasurer’s department and other county offices close by.

Johnson and the board went through his budget, making cuts to pay for the project. Johnson suggested they remove the $250,000 budgeted for the county generator project. He felt that money could be used instead to help with the DeWitt project. He also pointed out that the generator plans could change if communications moved from its current location into the administrative building.

“We are controlling our expenses knowing this (the project) is there. I think every department has done a great job in controlling our expenses,” Supervisor Brian Schmidt said.

During a Friday budget work session, the board reduced a budget request for two new trucks to allow for one new vehicle instead. The board also agreed to reduce funding for some of the Americans with Disabilities Act compliance projects. County Auditor Eric Van Lancker pointed out that this work is not off the table. He said if the projects are not funded in the upcoming fiscal year, they will be on the list for the next year.

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