Approval for activities within the city of DeWitt headed decisions by the DeWitt City Council recently.

Street closures for Central High School's homecoming parade scheduled  at 6 p.m. on Sept. 15 were approved. A fireworks permit for fireworks  at halftime of the homecoming game was also approved as were activities in Lincoln Park from 7 to 10.30 p.m. Sept. 13. Saber Spirit Night at the park includes decorating the park and is meant to include  all of the school district community in the homecoming celebration,  according to Denise McAleer, student council advisor.

A DeWitt Fire Department open house will take place 1 to 4 p.m. Sept. 17.

The council approved a street closure of the 700 block of Eighth Avenue for the event which will include viewing of city fire equipment  and demonstration of car extraction.

A number of decisions were made relating to the infrastructure work  which continues in DeWitt. An agreement with the Iowa Department of  Transportation in regard to the resurfacing of 11th Street from Sixth  Avenue to Silver Creek Bridge was given approval. The agreement is necessary to secure federal funding through the East Central  Intergovernmental Association with the project scheduled to begin in  2012.

It includes milling and overlaying of the street, catch basin  replacement and some additional water main work. The city has to pay a  minimum of 20 percent for the project with bids projected to be in  February.

In other projects, the council approved three change orders: on the  current 11th Street project, $3,150 for consolidation of the  individual traffic loop wires into a single conduit; on 10th Street  reconstruction, $300 and five more work days for two additional sewer  saddle wyes for added connections to reduce shared sewer laterals; and  on the east side storm water improvements, $30,075 for 465 tons of rip rap to prevent washouts on the north slope. Due to the increased  amount, the cost per ton was reduced.

The council approved a partial lien release for a condominium sold in  the Hickory Bend Second Addition. A sum of $3,000 was repaid to the  city by Hafner Brothers Construction LLC as part of an agreement in  which the city constructed parts of 18th Avenue and 17th Street.

A contract with the Iowa Finance Authority to permit the city to  administer the Home Acquisition and Rehabilitation program was  approved. The agreement is for six homes at $206,994 plus $12,000 for  administration. The city's match is $3,000. The program assists low  and moderate income persons to purchase and rehab homes in DeWitt.

The council discussed concerns of the street project at 305 East 11th  Street and the speed trailer data on East Fourth Street. The traffic  information supports no increased signage as most travel is under or  near the speed limit with a rare occurrence of high speed.

After recommendation from the city auditor, the council agreed to  increase the city employee dishonesty coverage from $300,000 to  $500,000. Cost is $513 per year. This is a safeguard rather than a reaction to an event, City Administrator Steve Lindner said.

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