Fulton City Administrator Randy Balk said he felt a Monday night marina workshop was a good step in the right direction.

In August, Fulton resident and businessman Mike Ottens presented concerns about the state and appearance of Fulton’s marina. During the Aug. 15 meeting of the Fulton City Council, he presented what he saw as problems with the marina, along with visuals and bulleted examples. At that time, he proposed that city officials look into possible solutions and if they would eventually want the marina to be a city-operated facility.

A workshop was held Monday night, following the regular council meeting, to discuss the issue further. In a Tuesday afternoon telephone interview, Balk said the workshop was designed primarily to educate new aldermen about the history of the marina and discuss the lease. Marina operator Pete Harkness attended the meeting with members of his staff. Area boaters also attended, as did Ottens.

Balk said the concensus from the boaters seemed to be that the marina has improved. He said the marina is facing parking and boat storage issues, based on regulations of how far items must be from the levee. Balk said the problems facing the marina were discussed and recognized. He felt those in attendance worked well together and the discussion was productive.

Balk said currently the issue is still open on how the city and Harkness can work together to improve the marina. He also said one step could be creating a committee with marina personnel, council members and residents to look at the footprint of the marina and what needs to be done so it can best serve the community.

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