More stop signs could be popping up in town in an effort to prevent accidents. Police Chief Jim Rhoades requested an ordinance to change several yield signs to stop signs at a city council meeting on Monday.

“We’ve had multiple accidents at these intersections,” Rhoades said. “Something needs to be done.”

If the ordinance is pushed forward six intersections will have their traffic signs switched from yield to stop. The selected intersections include 11th Street, 10th Street and Eighth Street at 13th Avenue; 10th Street and Eighth Street at 12th Avenue; and 10th Street at 11th Avenue.

“We’ve had three serious accidents at 10th Street and 13th Avenue just this year,” Rhoades said.

Besides the number of accidents, these intersections were chosen due to similar line of sight issues. Several of the intersections are also spots where children can be seen walking to and from school.

“It’s not just the traffic that’s at risk,” Rhoades said. “It’s also the pedestrians and children walking to school.”

Dave Rogis, EMS coordinator at the Fulton Fire Department, also supported Rhoades’ letter.

“Even at a slow speed, there can be serious consequences at these intersections,” Rogis said. “This will certainly reduce the number of accidents.”

Officials are hoping to get the signs changed as a preventative measure for future accidents.

“We’re trying to be proactive before more accidents occur,” Rhoades said.