Volunteers from Evangelical Free Church in Clinton traveled down to Joplin, Mo., on Monday and will spend all week cleaning up from the tornado that swept through the city in the spring.

After driving 10 hours from Clinton, our caravan entered Joplin around 6 p.m. Monday.
At first, everything looked normal; then without warning, we hit the destruction zone.  Trees were stripped bare of their branches; houses and businesses were in shambles. Some were leveled to their foundations.
There was one huge, stone and mortar building (probably some type of Administration building) with the second floor completely demolished. All we could mutter was the word "wow."
We drove through a mile wide path of carnage. We continued through town as things returned back to normal until we reached our destination, the Mystery Church We will be housed here this week, partnering with the church in the recovery effort.
Today, we begin our work. Job projects range from demolition and debris removal, to helping residents relocate to more permenant housing, to cleaning up local parks. There are several other teams housed here with us. One from Texas, and one, surprisingly, from Sterling/Rock Falls.
We are eager to see what today holds for our team.

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