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John Archer

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A congressional candidate vying for the local House of Representatives seat will have his message broadcast to the nation today.

John Archer will be one of approximately five congressional candidates to speak today at the Republican National Convention. The Bettendorf lawyer is challenging Dave Loebsack, D-Iowa, for the Second District seat, a newly created district that features Clinton County. Loebsack has served in Congress since 2007.

“The theme is ‘we can do better,’” Archer said. “As we’ve traveled around the Second District, we’ve heard the same theme from businesses, large and small. There’s so much uncertainty that exists in America today.”

Tropical Storm Isaac blew a wrinkle in Archer’s originally scheduled remarks, which were set for Monday.

He will now use the two to three minutes at the podium to provide insight into his campaign and shine a light on the residents of Iowa’s Second District.

“In Iowa, we have common sense, hard-working values, and being able to express that to the world and America are critically important,” Archer said. “This is a tremendous opportunity for the campaign.”

The Republican National Committee is appearing to believe in Archer’s opportunity to win through monetary donations. Archer said the committee is investing up to $1 million for his campaign, and polling conducted by Archer and the committee have shown positive results for the GOP, Archer said.

“They’ve already put $700,000 into this race,” Archer said. “This signifies the Second District can be won with John Archer running.”

His televised remarks will begin at 1:45 p.m. on C-SPAN and will stream live on the Internet at multiple places, including This will be the largest live audience that Archer has ever spoken to, with 2,286 delegates and thousands more watching on television.

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