Beth Hafner, 43, of Sterling, Ill., will be speaking along with two other women at a panel on body image and self-esteem.

Beth is originally from Sioux City. She has a bachelor’s degree in English education and a master’s degree in English and writing. For the past 13 years, she has worked at Clinton Community College as an English and journalism instructor.

Beth still enjoys teaching. She said she loves reading students’ papers, seeing their skills improve and watching their confidence grow. Beth said she also loves meeting the great people who attend CCC. She said she benefits from being around them.

The Clinton YWCA will be hosting the “Body Image and Self-Esteem: Hidden messages in media” panel  at 6:30 p.m. March 2 at the CCC Technology Center. This event is a part of the “Women you know, Women you’d like to meet” series. Gina Bielski, Marie Christian and Beth will be speaking. Beth said they will be looking at how girls and women are portrayed in the media.

“Girls feel they can’t measure up to how they’re portrayed in the media. But it seems like they’re doing everything they can to try to measure up and it’s resulting in depression and dieting and eating disorders,” said Beth.

The panelists will be trying to show how parents and adults can help to counteract the effects of the images in the media. Statistics, images and short videos will be shown at the event to help teach attendees to be a little more media literate.

Beth said she is excited about the event, which is open to the public for sixth-grade students and older. She hopes the event can help teach young girls and women how to maintain self-esteem in spite of the images in the media. She said the event will also highlight easy things parents can do that are not “preachy” or time-consuming.