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Brent Andresen

Herald Staff Writer

Brent Andresen, 46, of Preston, enjoys helping out in his community.

Brent is the current president of the United Way of Clinton County and has been part of the organization for almost 10 years. He is also the current president of the Preston Athletic Boosters and is actively involved with St. Joseph’s Church in Preston teaching his son’s catechism class and assisting with CEW retreats.

Brent learned the importance of volunteerism from his parents, who are still active in the community. His parents were Cub Scout leaders and his father coached Brent’s baseball teams when he was a child. His mother continues to volunteer at the Clinton Women’s Club and his father volunteers with the Savanna, Ill., Historic Society.

“So I think it’s something that I’ve thought was a neat thing for people to do and kind of learned from them. I think that’s what you do,” Brent said.

Brent was raised in Clinton along with his wife, Jill.They moved to Preston 14 years ago. Brent and Jill have a daughter, Haley, who is a sophomore at Ashford University and a son, Craiton, who is a sophomore at Preston High School.

Almost 10 years ago, Brent was contacted about being part of the United Way’s Citizen’s Review Committee, which reviews applications for programs. In April, the committee will review applications. After serving on the committee for six years, Brent moved to the United Way board. He was recently named president.

“Brent is dedicated to making Clinton the best place it can be. He has a well-rounded background and personal and professional involvement that make him a perfect choice to be the United Way Board president. He is helping to look forward to a dynamic year,” Cheryl McCulloh, executive director of the United Way of Clinton County, said in an e-mail.

This year, the board will look to stress the need for special projects and will work to collaborate with other community groups.

“By collaborating with them we’re hoping to identify some unmet needs, some things that haven’t been addressed before.”

A designated amount of money will then be set aside for those issues. Brent is looking forward to this process and working with other organizations.

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